General Questions

Q. How do I advertise my brand on Cycle Ads?

A. Please read the “How it Works & Pricing” section.


Q. Are there additional costs other than the product price?

A. For more information about additional costs concerning transportation or bank transfer commissions please visit the “Sales and Returns” page or contact our sales team by e-mail at


Q. Is it possible to agree upon a barter agreement concerning a full media campaign?

A. Yes, we are willing to participate in various campaigns that could generate a positive feedback for our brand. For more information please send an e-mail at containing your company’s information and a full description of the marketing plan.


Q. How can I become an official Cycle Ads dealer?

A. Send an e-mail to with your company information and a short description of the activity domain in which it is engaged. Our sales team will reply shortly with the Cycle Ad quotation sheet and more relevant information concerning transportation, warranty and payment options.

Q. Does my Cycle Ads trailer have a warranty?

A. Yes. Every new Cycle Ads trailer comes with a limited warranty certificate issued to the original owner.


Q. How do I store my Cycleads Trailer?

A. Cycle Ads Trailer requires a very small space for storage (106x50x20 cm). We will provide you with a special bag for storage and transportation included in the product price.


Q. What tools are necessary for assembling and disassembling the Cycle Ads mobile billboard?

A. You can assemble and disassemble your Cycle Ads trailer in less than 5 minutes simply by hand. You will find more information with descriptive images in the Cycle Ads Technical Manual.


Q. Are the Cycleads Bag and Printable Wheel Covers optional?

A. Yes they are. If you wish to get the best possible product price then you have the option to renounce at the cycleads Bag and printable wheel covers. Please contact our representative at for special order processing.


Q. What are the packaging characteristics of Cycleads?

A. The Cycle Ads mobile billboard is delivered in a protective five-layer corrugated cardboard box with the following dimensions: 108x55x23cm. The package weighs 25 kg and it also contains the Cycleads Technical Manual, invoice and warranty certificate.


Q. Is Cycle Ads easy to operate?

A. Yes. Cycleads is very maneuverable and easy to operate. The intelligent hitch system makes it extremely easy to turn and keeps it upright while going on bumpy roads. Also, this hitch system is especially designed to maintain the billboard’s upright position even on windy conditions.














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